There was a time where business owners would travel the world to take part in events in order to find new openings. Given that these travels were kind of expensive, business owners were incapable of meeting their target audience. But this changed today since Social media and digital marketing became an advantage for businesses. So what is the impact of Social media?

First, by using social media, business owners get closer to their audience and that by just sharing posts that can appear in their newsfeed page.

On some platforms, new posts can get higher views and more organic viewers when they are liked by followers, because they appear on others’ newsfeed page, just like LinkedIn and Twitter. In addition, virtual communication has a huge impact in this scenario. Businesses and customers can interact together from anywhere in the world. It is swift and a time saver because it doesn’t need physical meeting, and it helps keeping a record of what consumers need. Social media helps businesses get suggestions and feedbacks on their present and future products, permitting the audience to vote and give their judgment, which builds a stronger relationship with their customers.

It is worth mentioning that social media connects communities also, by connecting people that share the same interests and hobbies, especially when surfing the hashtags. What are hashtags? Hashtags are a guide for keywords used related to the post or the topic shared. In 2021, hashtags are more and more increasing engagements, appealing followers, and reaching target audience easily.

Second, social media will be backing up marketers impressively in 2021. Why? Because, according to some research social media users will attend 4.41 billion in 2025. Most of these users will start looking for products online. Social media is now the easier way for buying all types of products/services.  Nevertheless, 2021 set two basic rules or marketing:

  • Short term ROI and marketing tactics.
  • Long term customers’ loyalty throughout digital experience.

Third, ever heard of the Rule of Seven? It says that prospects need to hear or see a marketing message at least seven times before they start taking actions and purchasing. In 2021, this number is becoming higher, because thousands of branding messages will appear before prospects in one day. Therefore, Social media will be considered as an amazing tool for racking up businesses and obtain a better brand awareness.

You know what social media is also highlighting in 2021?  Collaborations. We hear “Influencer Marketing”, which is a known figure of collaboration and maybe the most frequent. It is proven to be the most effective. Yet, it is not only about influencers. Collaborations can have different types, such as content sponsorship, gifting, guest blogging, brand ambassador programs, and many more. Before social media, collaborations were made by emails or webinars.

Before ending, it is time to start applying the mentioned tips. Have a look at your posting schedule if you already have a social media set up on all applicable sites. Are you posting some days a week? Try checking a mixture of written messages, live videos, and pre-recorded videos as well. You may also want to experiment collaboration with the best influencer in your industry. Your social following won’t increase immediately, but the long-term reward is worth the effort. The secret is to staying consistent and not giving up!

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