What are the Digital Marketing Trends in 2023

We are all agreeing that the digital market is always on the rise and is evolving by the minute. As customers, we have high expectations for online businesses, and our decision to utilize a service or buy a product is heavily influenced by our user experience.

Businesses online or those that have not yet migrated to a digital platform must take advantage of the market, which has 1.5 billion social media members worldwide.

What are the Digital Marketing trends in 2023?

We will be showing you the digital marketing trends that are most likely to emerge in 2023 along with how they might affect your marketing initiatives. It’s crucial to adapt to a shifting market because digital marketing is a field that’s continuously evolving.

Let’s talk Shopify business!

We never repeat it enough, there is a big and important benefit that digital marketing does for your business! We’ve listed them below! Whether you’re a brand-new start-up or you’ve been around for a while, everything you do is important. 

  • Targeting the right audience: We never fail to mention that targeting the right audience is your best friend! Through data collecting and knowledge of what works for your industry, digital marketing aids in identifying the proper audience to target. Knowing your audience and what they need to engage with your brand is a key component of many marketing initiatives. When it comes to gathering data and using that data to increase the success rate of your marketing activities, digital marketing presents a wealth of opportunities.
  • Conversion rate optimization and improvement: Not every company strives to maximize conversion rates. Just 22% of companies are happy with their conversion rates. Therefore, more work must be put forward to turn prospective leads into paying consumers. A potential customer market can be engaged with and, ideally, persuaded to convert with the use of digital marketing.
  • Customer loyalty growth: In today’s business world, keeping clients around for a longer period is more important than just getting a single transaction and moving on to the next customer. Gaining the confidence and dedication of your customers is an important part of building your brand and company. With the help of digital marketing, you can maintain your company in the public eye and ideally attract repeat business.
  • Gain more credibility: For people to interact with and purchase from your brand, you need to have a good reputation and a loyal customer base that can attest to your company’s dependability. This kind of marketing might aid in increasing your brand’s credibility and credibility.

So, what are the 8 digital marketing trends you need to consider for 2023?!

Do you feel that your marketing strategy has become stagnant? Have no worries, we will back you up with the following 8 digital marketing trends to consider in 2023.

1- Collecting zero-party information using techniques like form building.

Businesses being more proactive in acquiring intelligence through various tactics will probably be a hot trend in digital marketing in 2023. For instance, form building can assist in gathering client data that may affect the introduction of your next product or service. Big data now has a much greater impact on businesses than ever before.

2- EMAIL MARKETING, yes in caps lock because this trend is going BIG!

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate leads for your business. Since you cannot be on social platforms without having an email, connecting with customers is relatively easy for brands and enterprises. When a new product is being introduced, it’s advantageous to use email subscriber lists to target both current customers and potential new consumers. Product launch emails for small businesses can greatly increase your company’s profit margins.

3- Marketing Apps! SurveyMonkey to the rescue…

Businesses are looking for new ways to boost their bottom line, but what do they look for in terms of innovative marketing strategies? There are numerous new options to add additional creativity to your marketing efforts, from Facebook Live to Tiktok Shop. One excellent example of using inventiveness in email marketing is SurveyMonkey.

4- Gathering data through real-time communications.

Real-time messaging solutions have grown to be a fantastic way for many marketing teams to communicate directly and quickly with clients. The more these real-time platforms develop, the more value digital marketers can derive from them in terms of client data. They have the potential to develop into a central repository for all the data you’ll need to know more than ever before about your customers.

5- Influencer marketing is not going anywhere, on the contrary, it will be BOOMING.

Influencer marketing will return an average of $5.20 for every dollar spent on this kind of promotion in 2023. What was formerly only used by a small number of marketers is now utilized by practically all digitally active businesses. Businesses should exercise caution when determining precisely what kind of influencers their business needs.

6- Customers that purchase with brands will demand more satisfaction

Instant gratification is necessary for the digital age when consumers wield the lion’s share of the power. They demand immediate gratification when they shop online. They will seek refuge elsewhere if there are any delays or waiting periods. For this reason, a marketing team must plan rather than just respond to inquiries from clients. A helpful information base that customers may access, for instance, can assist in addressing concerns that might discourage them from making a purchase.

7- Outsourcing to digital marketing agencies

Another popular trend in 2023 will be outsourcing to digital marketing agencies! Outsourcing is still a terrific approach for any organization, small or large, to accomplish more. No business wants to miss out on opportunities because they lack the necessary internal resources. Why not hire outside aid from digital marketing organizations if you need additional assistance with marketing? For small enterprises and start-ups, this might mean the difference between achieving modest growth during the first year and making significant strides in the field. Numerous of these digital marketing firms also have a wealth of information to impart and apply to emerging trends in the digital sphere.

8- More websites will use chatbots to improve user experience.

As chatbots have grown more beneficial to marketers, they have attracted additional investment. They make it easier for small businesses and those that aren’t open 24 hours a day to respond to inquiries and interact with clients who might need support after hours. Many websites are now implementing this into their operations, and chatbots are the fastest-growing brand communication channel, according to Drift.

We did say 8 trends, but we’re in a good mood, so here’s the 9th trend for you

9- Machine translation’s expansion in multilingual content marketing

The majority of online content is written in English, which restricts its audience. Online translation tools are frequently used by non-native English speakers, and they may mistranslate and misrepresent your content. Machine translation post-editing has drawn considerable interest from digital marketers. It combines cutting-edge technology and the talents of local translators to produce multilingual material.

Digital marketing is here to stay and there’s nothing on the horizon that will take its place, but we know for sure that Digital Marketing itself is growing and is always aiming for the best experience for people worldwide. Our purpose as an agency is to always make it easier for you and your business so stay tuned for more tips and trends. For more tips for your business don’t hesitate to book your complimentary 30 mins consultancy session with our Business & Marketing Consultant Nathalie Jeha


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The Metaverse’s Impact on the World

The term “metaverse” was invented by Neal Stephenson in his 1992 science fiction novel, Snow Crash. The novel describes the metaverse as a massive computer-generated digital reality built on top of the real world so that humans can interact with each other via avatars. The concept has been extensively explored in other works of science fiction, including prepared participant One. The metaverse is essentially the next level of the internet; a layer that exists on top of our current reality.

The metaverse will eventually affect the world we live in today, and we at Better’fly Lebanon, as a leading company in the digital marketing world we always like to tackle trendy matters and topics, and today we bring you the 5 major impacts of the metaverse on the world.

First, the metaverse may wish to exchange our lives by addressing mental health issues such as PTSD and anxiety disorders. It could be used to treat anxiety disorders by presenting people who are suffering from such issues with environments in which they can control their surroundings and their situations. It may additionally allow humans to enjoy things that they would not otherwise be able to do in real life, such as the sensation of flying or being on a roller coaster.

How it will be done: The metaverse should essentially be a digital reality treatment that assists PTSD patients by recreating moments in their lives that they can control. This type of therapy is not only advantageous because it does not require any capsules, but it also allows patients to be in control of their own enjoyment and eliminate any triggers or memories that may cause them distress.

Second, the metaverse will be targeting the educational field. What if a student learned how to build a three-dimensional model of a plane in the same way they learned about the Wright brothers? What if a student went to The Louvre Museum and saw paintings by their favorite artist? What if college students could have their own virtual study room where they could collaborate with other students from all over the world? This becomes reality with the metaverse. It is far from a virtual environment with the intention of enhancing education and changing learning for all time.

The metaverse will now influence not only how we analyze, but also how we educate. Teachers can use this new technology to create immersive lessons for college students in any difficult location, potentially increasing student engagement in their studies, and allow them to explore more and give them a reason to want to know more.

On another note, the metaverse will more or less redue the crime rate, here’s how. The metaverse provides a much less volatile environment than the real world, it has the potential to reduce crime rates and improve morale in society. It has been stated that the metaverse will allow people to explore their fantasies without putting themselves in physical danger. This will be used as a means of lowering crime rates by providing an outlet for people who would otherwise commit crimes in the real world.

It’s important to know that every other metaverse use case is a metaverse prison rehabilitation application. It provides prisoners with a digital environment in which they can explore unique worlds and escape from their current reality while still being monitored by guards and counselors.

Another important aspect of life that will be targeted by the metaverse is our current self-identity and relationships. The metaverse is an environment that has the potential to alter our interactions with ourselves and others. It’s an opportunity for us to experiment with new identities, new relationships, and new ways of communicating with one another. Inside the metaverse, people can create their own avatars, visit special locations, and interact with other humans, breaking many of the self-acquired boundaries that we have when meeting people in person. It could provide a safe space for young people to express themselves without fear of physical repercussions. The most useful aspect that may depend on the metaverse is how you present yourself and what you have to say, not your race, ethnicity, or gender as this subject has become taboo in the majority of the countries of the world.

It’s noteworthy to mention that it’s possible that the metaverse wants to make the fate of relationships more complicated. Relationships’ futures may become far less personal and far more superficial. Furthermore, there will be an increase in the number of people using forged identities on the internet. Humans will struggle to determine whether or not someone is who they claim to be.

The world we live in today is adept of working remotely, which is something the metaverse will benefit from. We’ve already seen the first signs of this in recent years, as larger corporations have adopted open workplace plans and employees are encouraged to paint from wherever they need to be. The Metaverse will only accelerate this trend by making it easier for humans to paint from anywhere in the international community and collaborate on projects collectively. One example of how the metaverse will change how we do our jobs is the use of augmented reality in the workplace to increase employee efficiency by displaying critical data clearly in front of them.

What we see is that the Metaverse is a medium with the ability to change the world. It will allow humans to travel to places they would never be able to cross, discover things they would never be able to see, and feel things they would never be able to feel. If you wish to know more about this new lifestyle, feel free to contact us today though our social media, our website or by sending us an email with your needs to buddy@betterflylb.com we’ll be more than happy to assist you with your inquiry.


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The ultimate guide of strategies for NFT Marketing

The NFT marketplace is filled with projects. As a result, if you do not conduct extensive promotion, it may be difficult for your NFT project to gain traction. Creating a one-of-a-kind NFT marketing strategy can help your project gain visibility. This results in more bids and better returns from your NFTs. However, marketing isn’t easy if you don’t have the necessary knowledge and skills. This is why you should hire an NFT marketing firm like Better’fly Lebanon to work for you. Keep reading below to know how our expert marketers make use of many techniques for a successful NFT promotion campaign.

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The IT digital trends to watch for in 2022

People, organizations, and society began to look ahead to influence their futures rather than just surviving the present, according to recent McKinsey research. Hopes for herd immunity, the end of pandemic lockdowns, and a return to normalcy were all dashed this year — at least for the time being. Aside from the Great Social Media Resignation, which saw burnt-out Gen Z workers announce their resignation via TikTok and Instagram, the rise of non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”), and the introduction of the metaverse, the world’s space-going billionaires were as wealthy and productive in business and technology as they had ever been. 

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Planning a successful 2022 following these 4 tips

First off, let us begin by wishing you a Happy New Year, and may this year be full of success and good fortunes.

One of the best ways to start the year off well is to have a well-written business strategy, which is what we have been advocating for as long as we can remember. Planning ahead of time assists you to stay focused and organized, ensuring that you stay on track to meet your objectives and will result in planning a successful 2022. When you write down your goals, you’re 76% more likely to achieve them. With these suggestions, you may get started on creating the ideal plan for success in the New Year.

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The UAE moves weekends to Saturday & Sunday

The Digital Marketing Topic of the Season

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Qatar is hosting The World Cup 2022 and the social media world is hyped about it

Qatar is preparing for the FIFA World Cup 2022 as a major tourism sporting event. But once the fans have left, what does the future hold for Qatar’s fledgling tourism industry? As economist Andrew Zimbalist argues in his book Circus Maximus: The Economic Gamble behind hosting the Olympics and the World Cup, sports mega-events have not always generated net economic advantages for towns or countries (Brookings Press, 2015). He cites the disastrous 1976 Montréal, Quebec Olympics (which left the city in debt for 30 years), the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, and the 2014 Sochi Winter Games as cautionary lessons.

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The impact of Social media on businesses in 2021

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Social Media Trends 2021

Social Media is not longer used for the sole purpose of socializing; there was a time where people would spend hours scrolling through social media as it was easily accessible and trendy. Technology is moving fast and consumer interests are hard to predict, especially that brands usually uses social media to stay connected with their target audience; therefore, understanding the audience preference and fostering organic engagement is mandatory. As far as we know the pandemic is here to stay, below are social media trends that will remain popular in 2021 and can help you to engage with your audience.

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E-mail Communication – Best Practices During The COVID-19 Epidemic

Nathalie Jeha - work from home

by Nathalie Jeha – CEO – Marketing & Business Consultant
Better’fly Lebanon

I hope that my message finds you in great health.
Today we’re going to discuss E-mail Communication – Best Practices during the COVID-19 Epidemic.

During this period of time, your e-mails subscribers are most probably being showered with messages, updates, offers and newsletters from all around.

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How to work from home and stay productive during the Coronavirus Crisis

Nathalie Jeha - work from home

Tips and thoughts
by Nathalie Jeha – CEO – Marketing & Business Consultant

Better’fly Lebanon

Giant companies around the world like Facebook, Google, Twitter and many more have already rolled out mandatory remote work. Whether you’re a startup business or an established company, here are my tips today on what you need to do to stay productive while you work from home during the Coronavirus crisis.

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