The Garden Show at Beirut Hippodrome took place from May 26th till May 30th, 2015.
It was a colorful and vibrant event, filled with positive energy and sensational aromas.
Nothing can make your day more divine than the smell of fresh flowers in the air and being greeted by charming and lovely people.

Walking through the well organized and tidy line ups and seeing people passionately working together for a healthier environment makes you feel that “Go Green” ambiance!
Running into our old friends there, we thought of giving you a better idea about the Garden Show, through this short interview with Zahraa Ghabriss El Murr.

Zahraa Ghabriss El MurrQ1: How long have you been going to the Garden Show?
My husband and I have been coming here for three years.

Q2: What do you like most about the Garden Show?
I like the open space, the clean air, and the smell of wet grass and fresh flowers.

Q3: Did you visit the show because you have a garden, or do you other reasons?
Actually we do own a small garden. But sometimes we visit the show three times each season to see what’s new and catch up with friends. It is a nice space to lose yourself; a little calm haven in the big dusty city!!

Q4: Would you prefer if it was pet friendly?
100%! I mean those who own pets should be given guidelines to be respected. Otherwise, they can get either fined or escorted out if the premises.

Q5: Did you find any special items that you bought or would like to buy in the future?
There are so many… But sadly, the process were a bit too high. However, we did take the contact information of the stores or individuals we were most interested in.

Q6: How do you find the food?
The food is okay. They should have more variety and more artisanal kitchens to encourage young startups.

Q7: What do you think can be done to make it a better experience?
I think a variety of music genres all day long would be nice. I also believe that there could be a variety of food to cater for all tastes. In addition to that, it would lovely to make it “pet friendly”, so I do not feel guilty leaving my dog at home all day! Lastly, maybe it can be moved to the beginning of the month, so that people can afford or at least devise a plan to buy the things that they want.


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