The Garden Show & Spring Festival is now a highlight of Beirut’s inauguration of the spring season. We at Better’fly have not missed this outdoorsy event since it first started ten years ago, and this year we decided to help spread the word to make it a part of your yearly routine too. 2014’s edition of the Garden Show was held between May 27 and May 31.


What we love about the Garden Show is that almost everything is organic, natural, and directly related to Mother Earth, and since Spring is here, it’s time to plant your gardens and stock up on everything for the gardening season.
From Pergolas, tables, chairs, and prefab houses to pots, plants, flowers, and organic cooking shows, you will find everything at the Garden Show & Spring Festival. It’s the place to go if you’re looking for your seasonal plants and gardening tools as well as experts’ advice and tips on planting everything from flowers to vegetable gardens to cooking organic.


This event is also a great place to mingle with people who share the same interest and love for flowers, gardens, and the likes. We learned about some great, new activities to take part in this Spring and Summer in Lebanon. We also enjoyed a few nights of entertainment among fellow lovers of Mother Nature. The food was great, the entertainment was enjoyable, and the general atmosphere was extremely peaceful and uplifting. We always look forward every year for June to attend this event.

For more pictures of this event check out our photo gallery.



Ashley Jor
Blogger/Social Media Manager
Better’fly Lebanon