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When it comes to introducing your business on Facebook, many of our clients face the tough decision of “which is better, a Page or Group?”  And in case you are facing that problem, we at Better’fly are here to help you decide which is better to enhance your social media presence.

Benefits you get from a Page:

There are some perks for a Facebook page that you can’t get from a group such as:

  • Facebook pages will give you statistical data (Analytics) about the number of visitors, people talking about your page, new comers…etc.
  • Facebook pages allow you to place advertisements. These help you promote your brand or business and reach out to new customers even outside Lebanon.
  • Facebook Pages are branded. This means you post and interact with your audience under the name of your page instead of using your personal profile.
  • And finally, you can install Applications on your Facebook Page. These Apps can be used to install a custom tab, collecting contacts, scheduling posts, creating competitions etc…

Benefits you get from a Group

Facebook Groups are a great idea for networking among natural groups as extended families, communities with a cause, or even neighborhoods. But what does that have to do with business? Well, think of it as a way to get in touch with you audience (this might be somehow risky since you are exposing your personal information and may be subjected to all types of things). That aside, here are three top reasons to have a group:

  • Groups appear almost all over the news feed. What better exposure could you need?
  • Groups have that community feel since posts and comments are more visible (this may be a problem as well when you try to control these comments)
  • Files and documents can be uploaded and saved on a group. Better yet, members can easily search through the files and posts.

That sounds sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, but…

What do you mean? Why shouldn’t I Stick to a Group then?

Of course all that community and networking sounds very luring, but you will be wasting  a huge opportunity for the business if you restrict it only to a group. Why? FACEBOOKS ADS! These ads can be used to promote your business, products, or services appearing all over the news feed even to those living outside Lebanon, and those ads can only be done with a page.

There’s something that bugs many people about groups and it’s that every post by the members goes into their news feed. Many people don’t want that type of “spamming” on their feed. This is considered a privacy issue for many people.

And then you have to control your group. Since any member can post anything that will appear on other members news feed, you need to keep an eye open in case something inappropriate gets posted. And in case you can’t handle that all by yourself, you have to get some (either an employee or a volunteer) to do that for you.
if you are running a public group where anyone can join, you have a higher chance of getting spam posts. But secret and closed groups are more controlled in terms of who enters since interested people must be allowed by someone to join. However, you must keep an eye on who lets who in.

However, a group can be very beneficial for certain businesses. Groups can grow faster naturally in comparison to pages since they are more visible. For a page to grow you have to spend a great deal of time adding interesting content and using ads to promote it. And if things are going good for your group it might be able to build your business faster than a page.

In short, we at Better’fly recommend that a business should not only be restricted to a group since a highly targeted Facebook ad can easily yield a bigger audience.