Love is like a plant.
We need to take care of it to keep it alive.

We all need a little reminder every now and then.

1) Watch your words. Avoid saying things that might hurt your partner.
2) Don’t hold grudges! Forgive instantly.
3) Show appreciation, respect and support.
4) Never be too busy for your partner.
5) Don’t punish your partner.
6) Accept your partner’s honest opinion about you. It’s good for YOU.
7) If you are wrong, admit and apologize.
8) Don’t try to change your partner. People never change, but they can adjust and compromise.
9) Don’t compare your partner to your ex. Just don’t!
10) Listen to your partner carefully. You can solve a lot of problems by simply listening well.
11) Imperfections are beautiful. No one is perfect, not even you!
12) Have fun. Play together, laugh together. Live together. Be each other’s best friend!
13) Don’t waste energy or time on negative thoughts.
14) Discover each other, every single day.
15) Show love! Don’t just speak about it.
16) Be grateful for the love that you have. Cherish it well.
17) Don’t sleep on it. Solve it and cuddle.

Enjoy your new year!

Nathalie J.