During the 2022 World Cup, brands should emphasize diversity, equality, and sustainability while working on their social media marketing strategies.

Let’s be realistic, we are all, and by all I mean ALL, are waiting eagerly for the 2022 world cup that will be taking place in Qatar, whether our country is participating or not, we all are waiting to get our mind off of that negativity that has been surrounding us, especially since Covid19 has lingered on the grounds. And when it comes to brands and marketing, us as experts strongly advise that during the 2022 World Cup, brands should emphasize on diversity, equality, and sustainability while working on their social media marketing strategies.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar is right around the corner and as always brands will be considering how they can win over consumers during the tournament. According to a conducted research the key to consumer engagement may be diversity, gender equality, and sustainability given the trendiness of the aforementioned topics.

The World Cup 2022 presents a massive opportunity for brands, with 70% of UK adults expecting to follow the tournament and 75% planning to watch a match at home.

These consumers, however, expect the social media marketing of brand revolving around the tournament to emphasize more Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) in their advertisements.

According to the results, 63% of fans believe it is important for World Cup related advertisements to promote diversity, and 61% want to see more gender equality. The latter, of course, has been a hot topic since England’s Lionesses won Euro 2022. Furthermore, 65% of football fans believe that the World Cup’s sponsors and partners should have a sustainable business model.

As being experts and having the know-how, we are strong believers that “This year, brands have a real opportunity to avoid scoring an own goal and actually engage with consumers in the way they expect; they can authentically demonstrate gender equality, diversity, and sustainability.” As consumers turn to trusted news sources for their football fix, advertisers must support quality publishers with their media budgets, going beyond brand messaging.” Book your consultation session today for a better view on how to have a winning strategy for the most anticipated event happening in 2022.

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