Social Media is very important, and not just because it’s part of what we do at Better’fly Marketing 🙂

In our day and age, everyone is connected through social media platforms. We all get the information we need in a split second through our smart phones and PCs via the World Wide Web which most of us now take for granted.
Keeping an active social media presence is a major aspect of your company’s identity. To stay in touch with clients and keep your latest offers and news accessible to them, social media is the secret!
Did you know that of all Facebook users, 189 million of them browse their news feeds strictly through their mobile phones? That means, on-the-go access and interaction with their favorite shops, restaurants, and businesses is key.
93% of marketers use social media to push their businesses and gain a mass following of supporters or clients. This is not surprising seeing as more and more people are signing up and creating their own social media profiles. It’s the perfect thing to add to your marketing plan if you want to reach a wide range of people in a matter of seconds.
80% of Facebook users prefer to stay connected with business they like via their Facebook pages.
24% of Facebook users claim to check their profiles and news feeds more than 5 times a day!

If you’re a small startup business, social media is the right way to go to get your business up and running. Through social media you will gain exposure and you can easily check out what other companies and businesses have set out in the market.
Marketing is not the only sector that benefits from social media. Customer Service is also enhanced through the option of live chats, comments, and other forms of interaction with customers and clients.

“If you want to open a business, make sure that your social media platforms are part of your investment too.” – CEO Better’fly Marketing, Nathalie J.

Ashley Jor
Blogger/Social Media Manager
Better’fly Lebanon