E-mail Communication – Best Practices During The COVID-19 Epidemic

Nathalie Jeha - work from home

by Nathalie Jeha – CEO – Marketing & Business Consultant
Better’fly Lebanon

I hope that my message finds you in great health.
Today we’re going to discuss E-mail Communication – Best Practices during the COVID-19 Epidemic.

During this period of time, your e-mails subscribers are most probably being showered with messages, updates, offers and newsletters from all around.

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How to work from home and stay productive during the Coronavirus Crisis

Nathalie Jeha - work from home

Tips and thoughts
by Nathalie Jeha – CEO – Marketing & Business Consultant

Better’fly Lebanon

Giant companies around the world like Facebook, Google, Twitter and many more have already rolled out mandatory remote work. Whether you’re a startup business or an established company, here are my tips today on what you need to do to stay productive while you work from home during the Coronavirus crisis.

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10 Amazing Ways to Maximize Your Weekend In Beirut

Your weekends are valuable — you’ll need to capitalize on them. You’ve presumably worked all week on account of one target — getting to the end of the week and after that accomplishing something helpful with it! However regularly when you really achieve the end of the week, it tends to fail out and not exactly experience your desires.

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8 Great Places To Visit This Christmas In Lebanon

Christmas is a magical time. Excitement fills our hearts during this holy season, to spend time together, sharing, caring and giving!

Family bonding is just what we need to celebrate with love and compassion! What better way to celebrate the Merry Christmas Eve than to be with family?

Just sitting there, having a delicious meal with the people you love the most, is something you wouldn’t want to miss!

However, let’s not forget, it is also a festive season! Once dinner is over, and the 25th of December knocks on your door, celebrating with friends sounds like a great idea!

This year, we have 8 places for you to enjoy with your dearest friends!

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Facebook Launches it’s new APP “Lifestage”

Facebook is starting once again to set new strategy in order to attract new young users.

Facebook announced on Friday a new application that allows posting pictures and short recorded videos for the purpose of competing with Snapchat, which has been growing more and more popular among teenagers. The Snapchat rival application introduce by Facebook, is called Lifestage and is designed for teenagers in order to allow them to post pictures, videos, express their emotions, friendships, likes, and dislikes.

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Your Cats Are Not As Attached To You As You Think They Are!


Your Cats Are Not As Attached To You As You Think They Are

The cat’s moodiness is what makes several pet lovers prefer owning a dog which provides their owner with unconditional faithfulness and love. However, the domestic cat has recently passed the dog as the most common pet in Europe. It is certainly no surprise to cat owners when you tell them that their cats prefer leading an independent life. Cats are known to prefer living by their own rules and interact with their human owners depending on their mood.

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Summertime Drama

As the clouds clear and weather starts to warm up after the winter season, we start planning our sweet escape from all the stress and pressures of life in a long summer vacation with our loved ones. Although our get-away may seem to be a piece of heaven, problems often arise during such vacations. Senior counselling psychologist /couples counsellor Chris Denmark believes couples’ feuds have several reasons and that couple\relationship counseling can help overcome problems.

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There are things that happen once and change your life forever.
A little soul with a big heart.

Let me introduce you to Brandie, my Brandie.

One day, my friend came over holding a little puppy.

“Meet Brandie!” She uttered.

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The Shocking Downfall of Google

In addition to a skyrocketing IQ level, 10 year old Lawson Fraser has a number of opinions and an agenda to share with the world.

The fifth grader has been engaged in political life since he was in first grade; he plans to attend the Republican Nation Convention in Ohio and to become a U.S. Senator.

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Apple Recycles Used iPhones With Liam

Apple pushes sustainability to a whole different level with what they call “Liam”.

The robot “Liam”, introduced during the Apple i-device Showcase Monday this past week, takes apart old and used iPhones and so that their parts will be used later in in other devices or recycled.

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Facebook News Feed Update!

Facebook News Feed - Better'fly

Admit it, you get a little shiver of fear every time Facebook announces a tweak to their notorious News Feed algorithm. It’s okay to admit to it, a great many brands see the majority of their referral traffic coming from Zuckerberg’s social behemoth – it’s only natural to approach any change or tweak in their sharing system with a hint of trepidation.

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Should I Create A Page Or A Group

Facebook Page - better'fly

When it comes to introducing your business on Facebook, many of our clients face the tough decision of “which is better, a Page or Group?”  And in case you are facing that problem, we at Better’fly are here to help you decide which is better to enhance your social media presence.

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The Garden Show & Spring Festival 2015

The Garden Show at Beirut Hippodrome took place from May 26th till May 30th, 2015.
It was a colorful and vibrant event, filled with positive energy and sensational aromas.
Nothing can make your day more divine than the smell of fresh flowers in the air and being greeted by charming and lovely people.

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Massive Attack Live In Lebanon

Massive Attack have been openly pro Palestine and have illustrated their support at their latest concerts, including the one played last night in Byblos, Lebanon. Through the visuals projected as their backdrop, their messages of solidarity and activism have been very clear.

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4 Online Ways To Help Gaza

Although sharing quotes, pictures, and news headlines on your social media profiles might help make a statement, we can all agree that it doesn’t do the affected people any good. If you really wish to help Gaza, here are 4 websites where you can make a change by donating and making a real difference.

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