We live in a fast changing social world, from apps to trends to a variety of novelties that are making their way through our everyday lives. Today we will be going over the most prominent social media trends that have shown up their faces and/or upgraded ever since the beginning of the year 2022.

So what’s new?!

We will start with what has been updated lately on the mostly used social media applications especially that many apps have given a chance to the video creation and has managed to integrate it among other new features.

  • TikTok keeps growing per second and attracting an older generation, also known as Millennials and Gen X for short. As well as A LOT of businesses are eager to start growing on this platform in particular which is leading many of our prospect clients to ask about this feature.
  • Instagram has included the story likes to make it more interactive, and has changed a bit in its poll layout
  • Facebook on another hand has followed the trend of reels and integrated it globally, but keeps loosing the interest of people
  • Pinterest has included the AR Try-on technology for home decor that enables users to virtually place items in their homes before they buy HOW COOL IS THAT!

What are brands really looking for on social media?

The era of physical shopping and items touching is way behind, and this ideology is soon to vanish as per what we are seeing on daily basis. This is leading social media apps to double and triple their efforts to make their apps the easiest and A-class for Social Commerce to attract brands to come their way and invest in this life changing mega important move.

In addition there have been a lot of conducted studies that are showing that people are not looking forward to going back to physical shopping and are enjoying this “new life” of online shopping given that it has now covered all sorts of needed items and everything is being delivered to their doorsteps!

What about video and still images, where are these today?

As per what we have noticed lately it is very clear that videos are having a higher reach than still images, especially that every application out there have launched video content creation and is opening the door to all sorts of creative minds to jump into the game, whether they are regular people who are curious about video making, or are animators or into the filmmaking world.

In addition, the fact that these videos fall under the category of “short videos” this is by far more interesting for anyone who wishes to see it. And this is more easily accessible to brands than longer ones. The authentic and lower production nature of Stories and TikTok videos is part of the bigger appeal to consumers, given that consumers are more likely to watch a complete video if it is less than a minute long.

Better’fly’s Tip: always include video captions as many viewers are hard of hearing and/or deaf; this will make you more caring of your current/prospective client.

Plus people are beign funny and are discovering their inner “child” on those videos and some are discovering their creativity and making it BIG ON socials because of videos!

Moving on to websites, is it still a thing?

Yes, website are still a go to option for everything especially for brands, it gives a credibility and authenticity and builds a trust between the consumer and the brand itself, which happens to be supported by all the social media apps with the help of experts like ourselves.

The experts’ Tip: Community building and trust is always a number 1 tip we give our clients, the more trust between a brand and a client, the more sales.

What about the all time tips and social media trends?

No matter the trends on social media and no matter what happens there’s always place for the trends that never “die”:

  • Follow trendy topics: always be up-to-date with what is happening around and engage in the conversation as long as it serves your page purposes, lately people are talking a lot of mental health especially with everything happening around us in the world, even sustainability is being discussed thoroughly on the platforms.
  • Always engage in the conversation for a higher reach.
  • Always stick to a well organized and why not colorful content calendar that would make your life easier with the postings and your thoughts
  • Avoid “spamming” people with DMs as it is viewed as spam on several occasions
  • Always evaluate your previous works and set new goals
  • Always ask for help from professionals if you feel stuck or on the verge of not being creative.

Everything around us can be made use of and transformed into a winning strategy and a hit over night, you just need to know how to do it and for that we are available to help you succeed.

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