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Let us put it this way for you. Influencers, whether you like their content or not, are the fastest way to make a return on investment. It is faster than paid ads, if we may say so! If you think about it, both ads and influencers will take your money to advertise your product or business. However, you should always opt for the fastest way, and influencers are faster than paid ads.
Today we bring you the list of the best influencers in Lebanon for 2023 to work with based on your target audience and clientele.

Before anything, what’s an influencer?

We have all influenced someone in our lives, but that does not make us an influencer. Influencers are people in your specialty or sector who influence your target audience. Influencers are people with specialized expertise, authority, or insight into a particular issue. Their pre-existing presence in a niche makes them an excellent starting point for brands looking for credibility.


Firstly, we have the Koolmom. Known to be very funny and realistic, Mira has always managed to mix mamahood and wifehood struggles and turn them into hacks and tips for you. She showcases on her page her family and kids to delight us with fun and laughter.

Another mama that many look up to is Mama Bear. Sirine is a fun, down-to-earth, and heartful mom of 2 boys, Ali and Taim. She owns an e-commerce site for parenting and kids’ supplies. She is true to her followers and community


First and foremost, Nour Arida, the Lebanese model and influencer has worked with international brands in both the beauty and fashion industry. Her daughter and herself make the cutest content and have a charismatic presence online.

Another influencer to look up when looking for the right list of influencers to work with is Karen Wazen. From Beirut streets to the biggest fashion houses around the world, Karen has stepped foot. And recently, she launched her own sunnies brand ByKarenWazen.


They have the best chances of convincing and selling your product/business in this category. We must say that since the beginning of Covid-19 and the stay-at-home mentality, social media has introduced A LOT of content creators who maybe needed this opportunity to shine a light on themselves and their beautiful subtle work.

Patrick Daoud is a name you should remember. This guy here has an exceptional sense of humor and an exceptional way of creating content. He’s creative and straight to the point. He is surely an added value to your business.

Yara Bou Monsef. Yara goes beyond looks. This lady has truly proved that beauty and brains mix. She creates the funniest, smoothest, and lightest content that makes you want to glean everything she touches.

Another influencer in content creation is Ramy Hamdan. Ramy started his journey on TikTok and found it fun and interesting. He gained the hearts of all these platforms and rose to the top.


Sarde After Dinner is something we’ve all heard of. Mouin and Medea have gathered to present the most-watched podcast of 2023. They tackle subjects and matters uniquely and sans taboo.

Another podcaster is surely making an impressive entry into the world of “influencers.” Even though he is not classifying himself as such, we present you the Do Not Worry Pod. Anthony and his interns entertain us every Thursday with jokes, fun, and honest commentary on things that happen during the week. Do Not Worry is an option to consider.

Of course, there are many more influencers to work with in Lebanon in many industries. However, we have selected the best influencers in Lebanon for 2023.

We can prepare an influencer marketing campaign to boost your sales and revenues. Get in touch today and brief us about your business and let us take you to another level!

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