Social media platforms are continuously growing to accommodate the changing demands of their users. Keeping up with the newest upgrades and social media trends and tips is critical for both individuals and organizations.

Social media networks announced upgraded features and changes in April 2023.

For example, Meta launched a membership service called Meta Verified, and TikTok surpassed Instagram as the most downloaded app. Furthermore, Instagram emphasizes photo postings for interaction, and YouTube has stated its priorities for the year. If you’re planning to introduce a new product, there are additional suggestions for creating buzz and anticipation using social media. Keep reading to know what are the social media trends and tips from us at Better’fly Lebanon.

First of all, what are the latest social media platform updates for April 2023

  • Meta has introduced its subscription service, Meta Verified, to the US.
  • Facebook now allows reels up to 90 seconds and adds the option to sync videos with music automatically.
  • Instagram has launched two updated ad types: ads in search results and reminder ads, which give users the option to opt into notifications for future events or launches.
  • Twitter will start removing legacy verified checkmarks from April 1, and the platform is increasing visibility for around 35 celebrity accounts, including Elon Musk.
  • Twitter will prioritize tweets from verified accounts in the coming weeks and added a tweet bookmark count alongside retweets, quotes, and likes.
  • TikTok now shares insights on the best-performing ad keywords, filterable by popularity, CTR, country, and industry.
  • TikTok has blocked non-business accounts from linking to app stores in their bio, although this feature remains free for TikTok business accounts.
  • TikTok has launched Series, a paywall feature for creators to share premium content. Users can now refresh the For You feed through the settings.
  • LinkedIn has introduced native scheduling for company pages, audio-only events, and the ability to follow other company pages as your own.
  • Pinterest is expanding its Shuffles collage creation app to nine more countries, including Germany, France, and the Netherlands.
  • Snapchat is currently testing the ability to restore one Snap Streak for free.
  • Reddit has launched Simple Create, enabling marketers to create ads in just three steps.
  • Bluesky, a decentralized Twitter alternative backed by Jack Dorsey, is now available in the App Store as an invite-only beta. There are rumors that Meta is also working on its own decentralized, text-based social media app.
  • Lemon8, the ByteDance-owned alternative to Instagram, has recently entered the top 10 charts in the US App Store.

Tiktok overtakes Instagram

According to data. AI intelligence’s latest app performance report, TikTok overtakes Instagram as the most downloaded app in Q1 2023. This news marks a significant shift in the social media landscape, as Instagram has long been a dominant force in the app world. TikTok’s popularity has soared in recent years, thanks to its engaging and often addictive short-form videos that capture users worldwide.

Despite TikTok’s impressive download figures, Facebook still dominates in terms of monthly active users, maintaining its position at the top of the charts. This comes as no surprise, as Facebook has a strong foothold in the social media market with its suite of popular apps, including Instagram and WhatsApp. However, with TikTok’s continued growth and dominance in the app download market, it will be interesting to see if it can challenge Facebook’s hold on the social media throne.

Overall, this latest app performance report highlights the ever-evolving social media landscape, with new apps constantly emerging and disrupting the status quo. As we move forward, it will be fascinating to see how social media platforms evolve to meet users’ changing needs and preferences.

Reels for reach, photos for engagement!

At the start of 2023, Instagram’s Head, Adam Mosseri, acknowledged that the platform had been too focused on video content in the past year. He confirmed that Instagram was working to restore a more balanced approach to photos and videos.

However, recent reports suggest that photos may be returning to the platform. “Later” has reported increased engagement on photo posts, including static images and carousels. In fact, “Later“ saw a 100% increase in engagement on their Instagram photo posts. Another small experiment showed that while reels still had higher reach, photos received significantly higher engagement.

If your social media strategy focuses on building engagement and community, it might be worth prioritizing photo posts on Instagram. While reels boost reach, photos appear to drive more interaction and engagement. As the platform evolves, it’s essential to stay up to date with the latest trends and adjust your strategy accordingly.

What about YouTube?

YouTube has recently announced its priorities for 2023, as revealed by its new CEO, Neal Mohan. Mohan says the social media platform has three main areas of focus: supporting creators, developing enhanced features, and protecting users.

  1. YouTube aims to provide more ways for creators to make money, as well as grow their communities. This is done by listening to their needs and feedback. This includes improving monetization options, such as Super Chat and Channel Memberships, and offering better support for channel growth.
  2. YouTube plans to focus on building for the future with more features for viewers and creators. This includes expanding into new areas such as streaming, connected TV, shorts, podcasts, and AI. YouTube has already surpassed Netflix as the most-watched streaming platform for TV in the US, and it aims to continue to innovate and improve the viewing experience for its users.
  3. YouTube aims to ensure the safety and protection of its community, particularly under 18s, by implementing safeguards and providing family-friendly experiences. YouTube is committed to creating a safe and positive environment for everyone who uses the platform.

Launching a brand-new product? Follow these tips from Better’fly Lebanon

Are you preparing to launch your latest product and seeking ideas for social media posts? Here are some tips to generate buzz and build anticipation for your launch:

  1. Share behind-the-scenes photos and videos: Offer your followers an exclusive look at your new product’s production process. Show them the arduous work and attention to detail that was put into making it.
  2. Get customer feedback: Reach out to current customers and ask them to share their excitement about your upcoming launch. Encourage them to post about your product and tag your brand.
  3. Post countdowns: Use countdowns to create a sense of urgency and excitement leading up to your launch day.
  4. Create teasers and quizzes: Get your audience guessing about your updated product by sharing teasers and quizzes that hint at its features and benefits.
  5. Use your own hashtag: Create a unique hashtag for your product launch and encourage your audience to use it when talking about your product on social media.
  6. Ask for input: Ask your audience what they would like to see in your brand-new product, and incorporate their feedback into your launch plans.
  7. Use eye-catching visuals: Launch your product with bold, eye-catching visuals that grab your audience’s attention.
  8. Highlight benefits: Use videos and carousels to showcase the benefits of your new product and explain how it solves your audience’s problems.
  9. Show your product in use: Share images and videos of your new product in use, highlighting its key features and benefits.
  10. Share user feedback: After launch, share initial user feedback to create buzz and get more people interested in your product.

Snapchat tip: Engage your followers by posting enough snaps each day

Snapchat has shared some best practices for posting with its Snap Star users. While some of their recommendations are fairly generic, they offer some useful tips to engage with your audience. Their key recommendation is to focus on creating a “day in the life” experience by posting 20 to 50 snaps per day. This will help keep your followers engaged for longer periods of time. Other recommendations include:

  • Posting directly to the Snap Map makes it easier for non-subscribers to discover your content
  • Create a strong “tile” on your feed with your latest photo or video
  • Captivate viewers in the first few snaps of your story to keep them watching until the end
  • Encourage non-subscribers to subscribe and subscribers to turn on story notifications
  • Use captions to make your content more accessible to those who watch without sound
  • Balance commercial content with authentic personal content to keep your followers engaged

Meta Predictions for the top 20 social media trends of 2023.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has revealed its predictions for the top 20 social media trends of 2023. These predictions are based on a global survey and analysis of 4 million conversations on their platforms. These trends have been grouped into four categories:

  1. Exploratory identities: This category includes topics such as body positivity, self-expression, cultural heritage, and local foods. The trend toward embracing individuality and diverse identities is expected to continue all through 2023.
  2. Refined relationships: Relationships and connections are expected to become more prominent in 2023, with a focus on topics such as relationship goals, science and spirituality, and pet adoption.
  3. Goals related to assertiveness: Mental health, sleep, and financial knowledge are predicted to be popular topics in 2023, as people continue to prioritize their well-being and seek to improve their lives.
  4. Living values: The final category encompasses a range of trends related to finding joy, supporting causes, and environmental concerns. Nostalgia-inspired comfort is also expected to be a popular theme, reflecting a desire for simpler times in a rapidly changing world.

Social media platforms are always evolving, and these updates highlight the latest advancements in the social media environment. As user tastes shift, social media platforms evolve and adapt to deliver the best experience for their audience. These revisions highlight the significance of remaining current with trends and altering methods accordingly to remain relevant and engaging for audiences.

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