November 26, 2015

SEO Services

  • Building brand popularity and audience
  • Increase number of unique visitors to Website and Social Media Pages
  • Build on keywords, metadata and content to get the client to be the first result on popular search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo)
  • Improving the engagement rate of your site
  • Make sure the client’s website is inline with Google’s SEO Guidelines
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On-site SEO

Prior to start SEO we check our client keywords, content, link building and social marketing to see if they will generate a good number of targeted leads.
We perform a technical SEO audit of your website and look at every technical error that might be preventing your website rank higher on  search engines.
We check and rewrite each title and meta description to make sure its relevant to optimized page and to help search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) recognize content on your website.
We create sitemap file to ensure your website is recognized and properly indexed by search engines.
We check and fix internal links to make sure you are using proper anchor texts and linking methods.
We check and fix Alt tags for images in order to help search engines recognize graphical content and improve your ranking and visitors coming from images search.
We setup Google Analytics to get full visitors statistics on visited pages, user behavior on your site and some website metrics.
We will provide you with Backlinks and ranking reports monthly.

Blog Writing

We write or fix your Blog Posts following a specific Formula:
1- Understanding your audience
2- Start a topic and pick a catchy title
3- Write an intro and make it captivating
4- Organize your content
5 -Edit/proofread your post and fix your formatting to the following: (Featured Image, Visual Appearance, Tags)
6 - Insert a call-to-action (CTA) at the end.
7 - Optimize for on-page SEO (Meta Description, Page Titles and Headers, Anchor Text).

Frequently Asked Questions:

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How much traffic will this bring to my website?
Why aren’t any prices listed? How much should I spend?
Should I put my money into SEO or PPC?