In addition to a skyrocketing IQ level, 10 year old Lawson Fraser has a number of opinions and an agenda to share with the world.

The fifth grader has been engaged in political life since he was in first grade; he plans to attend the Republican Nation Convention in Ohio and to become a U.S. Senator.

Even though Lawson is not fond of Donald Trump, yet Lawson thinks Trump be the next US president because just like most Americans, Trump is “very angry with America”. Lawson goes on to support his point by saying that “Hillary Clinton has too much baggage” and he “doubts Sanders supporters will go with her”. Lawson also thinks Trump will choose Ben Carson as his running mate.

Lawson Fraser - Better'fly

Politics isn’t all what pre-occupies 10-year-old Lawson Fraser; he is into technology and economy as well. For start, Lawson plans to become a stockbroker in case his plan of becoming a U.S. Senator doesn’t work well; He already meets with his broker every few months to go over his portfolio.
Moreover, Lawson is convinced that the U.S. economy will sink due to the growing national debt.

Lawson Fraser

But those opinions are not as shocking as the ones he has concerning the multi-billion sear engine and corporation, Google. Lawson believes Google stock will take a deep dive due to the company’s high-end interest with self-driving cars and google glasses.
“Everyone loves the idea of a driver-less car — I promise you this is not going to take off[…]My generation will be driving in six years and I know for a fact that none of us will want a machine driving us … personally, I think a flying car will do better than a driver-less car.” argues Lawson, despite several analysts arguing that Google will surpass Apple as the most valuable company in the coming year(s).

Speaking of Apple, Lawson strongly believes a company specialized in producing biochemical and bio-fuels called Synthetic Genomics will be “the next Apple”.

Lawson Fraser is working on developing a new video game with some of his friend and he plans to attend a computer programming camp later on. He says that math and science are his favorite classes and that he is pretty bad in geography and social studies.

Bashar Hassanieh