Now seriously, do we need it all?
To avoid buying things we don’t need, you’ve got to think deeper and clearer into it!
You’ve got to understand the basics of the problem!
I’m telling you, it’s just emotional.
It’s just psychological!

I think, we sometimes buy things that we don’t need because:

1. We just want to impress people!
2. We’re in it for the “Shopping Habit”
3. We’re feeling emotional or down. We think we can “buy” happiness.
4. It makes us feel secure (somehow)
5. We try to make up with our friends’ trends.
6. We create a fake solution to some of our problems
7. We “think” we need it all.
8. We think that we might not find it again if we don’t purchase it now! (where we might be short on cash sometimes)
9. It gives us a certain identity.
10. Could it be that we are just helping the economy? 😉

Shop Smart!

Nathalie J.
Better’fly Lebanon